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Hangar G-3

What better place to post this than a community dedicated entirely to Grandia III?

SquareEnix has an official fan site for Grandia III. It can get you amazing prizes: Grandia soundtracks, Grandia II, Grandia III, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts manga, iPod Video, ect...
Now, this isn't like one of those other "Get an iPod" sites. This one is a community for Grandia fans. There are various challenges to get fans excited about the game and to spread the word about the game. You can also get points through watching videos, checking out websites, and doing tons of other fun things.

Definitely check it out. It is a huge group of Grandia fans! It's an amazing community!

fairyprincessco would like to invite you to become a member of Hangar-G3!
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