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grandia3's Journal

In the sky
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This is a community dedicated to GRANDIA III, one of the most anticipated games for 2006 and made both by SQUARE ENIX and GAME ARTS


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Grandia III's story casts you in the role of a 16-year-old boy named Yuuki, who dreams of being a pilot while living a pretty ordinary life. This all changes after an encounter with an elven shaman named Alfina, who possesses the unique ability to communicate with holy beasts that both serve the gods and protect mankind. Alfina is on a mission to find her brother Emilious, who disappeared three years earlier. However, the duo's simple quest to find Alfina's sibling takes a dramatic turn when it discovers that Emilious is a villain with designs on conquering the world.


from: gamespot [ http://www.gamespot.com ]

1) Yuuki, uses a sword
Your standard RPG hero, dream of "flying in the sky" with his self-build airplane. Almost solely lives for his dream but later on, he does everything for his newly found girl.
("yuuki" is Japanese for "brave", btw)

2) Alfina, uses rods/staves/maces
The very stereo-typed innocent platic-maiden teenie girl used in most JP-RPGs. Serves as Yuuki's love interest (duh!) and as a young priestress, she's on a pilgrimage. She cries quite a lot... but for some reason, I don't think she's as annoying as Elena in G2.

3) Miranda, uses daggers
Despite her only 34 years, he's Yuuki's "mother". Keeps quite a close eye on her son. Pretty agile and fearless.

4) Alonso, uses spears
A gambler and romance-loving guy...

5) Ull, uses lassos/flails
Member of a tribe that always comes with their own dragon and likes to fly around in the sky much like Yuuki. His other main interest is eating kebab... a LOT of kebab.

6) Dahna, uses cards (but is more of a magician)
THE uber-beauty of Grandia III if you're more into not-so-young women with a well-proportioned body etc.
Leader of a gypsy settlement in the Baccura desert. Usually stays calm unless it comes to her lost love, which just happens to be the second uber-cool character in the game.

7) Hect, uses a rod/baton
Well, it would be spoilerous to tell more... but let's just say she's quite a mysterious character that makes a very sad and empty expression....

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